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5 Easy Methods to Increase Accessibility on Your Website

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The web is developing and getting more sophisticated with time. Unfortunately, many companies still need help to use it fully or effectively, especially for customers with specific requirements or impairments. One global study on online accessibility found that more than 90% of websites still don’t adhere to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. As a result, if you own an eCommerce business or are an SEO agency in Dubai, you must pay close attention to this vital factor. Here are five practical suggestions to help you increase the accessibility of your website for all users:

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Use correct HTML markup

Regardless of whether your website designer manually inserts HTML, you should arrange headers correctly. These headers serve as a reference for screen readers, which users utilize to understand the content of internet pages. The people who access the screen with the reader will find it challenging to browse if the HTML or headers on your website aren’t done properly.

SEO agency in Dubai

Consider your website’s colors.

Another crucial element for increasing your website’s accessibility is its color. Red, green, and other related hues can be difficult for those who are colour blind to identify from one another. As a result, when creating and building your website, take this issue in mind. The SEO Company might advise your website’s design and the best colors for accessibility in Dubai.

Make the contextual links on your website descriptive

Make sure the contextual connections on your website are as detailed as feasible. For example, most individuals with disabilities use screen readers to access various online pages. To discover what users are seeking on internet pages, screen readers may now choose to hop across links. Therefore, regardless of the material to which the text link is attached, users hear the word or phrase of the text link. Simply put, the text link that says “click here” or “more” is meaningless. Using an SEO service in Dubai, you may make text links easier for consumers with restricted skills.

Intuitive navigation in design

You are strongly advised to constantly build a website’s clear and adequately organized navigation. It’s also preferable to incorporate extra clues about the hierarchy of your website’s navigation, which indicate information with increasing relevance, by employing an adequate layout. This allows readers to spot variations in the main content, headers, and subheadings.

Conduct real users testing

Even though testing for website accessibility across such a broad spectrum of people with special needs is challenging, it is nevertheless advised. Nothing, however, can compare to testing it on actual people. However, you may employ a reputable SEO agency in Dubai to examine the entire website and, if necessary, enhance its accessibility, or you can use automated technologies to detect the problems with your website’s accessibility.

Final Words

Even though usability and accessibility are both crucial factors, you should be able to tell them apart. An SEO service in Dubai can assist you in determining whether a website is accessible to users of all sorts and valuable. It is essential to put accessibility measures that are advantageous for all online users, regardless of whether they have special requirements.

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