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Is ESport a lucrative Industry to Invest Right Now?

esports trends

Who imagined that one-day video games played for fun will turn out to be a million-dollar business in 2020. Gradually the spirited playing of video gamers has sprung out to be a global eSports industry in the market and just like the traditional sport it is also played and admired by millions of fans. One of the greatest myths about this industry is the assumption of considering it unprofessional but as might astounding as it sounds, almost 557 million viewers are expecting to watch online gaming competitions in 2021.

With such an enormous number of an eSports target audience, different brands have shown keen interest in investing to reach out to the younger tech audience. Big brands like McDonald’s, PepsiCo, and Nike are already investing in it by considering it a great marketing opportunity. These giant corporations are ready to associate themselves with video gaming companies who, on the other hand, are also looking for strategies to unfold the new platform for unlimited prospects. ESports Tournaments make money through online/offline broadcasts, live tickets, merchandise, and marketing on different channels. To make it sound more proficient young players are also attracted to huge figures as the winning prize.

Hence for investing in, it is essential to follow popular eSports trends with elevated marketing research and should look for the overall revenue growth before making any move.  However, it might get difficult to study stock performance especially, when you are dealing with increased advanced technology so you can figure out the rate of return with a helpful measurement like price-earnings ratio or sale to earnings ratio. Some of the top gaming tournaments named Call of Duty Championship, Fortnite World Cup, eSports World Convention, and FIFA eWorld Cup have won millions of hearts with their unconventional fun.  Due to such immense support and passion, the total revenue of the eSports industry is 1.1 billion in 2020 and, it will continue to increase particularly when there is a pandemic lockdown happening globally.  In all these years’ eSports was a niche market but now with the persistent rise of the digital world, this industry has shown an unpredictable progression towards becoming one of the most popular industries ever liked by the consumers.

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