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Are You Making Any of The 4 Most Common Facebook Ad Mistakes?

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Facebook has emerged as one of the major platforms for advertising with a huge bubble of small businesses attempting to boost their digital presence in the most creative way possible. While every other business is trying to place their ads for maximum visibility, reach and conversions, there are a few crucial yet avoidable mistakes every business needs to check for.

·        Vague Copy

The copy of your ad should be crystal clear to communicate the key message of your ad. Too lengthy copy leads to confusion whereas short, concise and thorough copy always does the trick. Make sure you add one CTA (call to action) button only that goes well with the objective of your advertisement.

Image Source: Lander

Lastly, the headline is your key! Grab the attention of your audience by saying everything in the smartest way, so that even if the copy is not read, at least the headline speaks!

·        Only One Ad Campaign

Unless you have budget constraints, it is always a bad idea to go with one Facebook ad campaign or any other social media marketing campaign. Always try to run five campaigns initially to see the results which have a 90% chance of you tapping your niche with at least one ad campaign. Secondly, it gives you a chance to mix and match, try different visuals, CTAs and ad styles.

·        Targeting Testing Failure

Usually, brands or businesses create one target audience and use it for all their campaigns. The rule of thumb is to create at least 4 audience segments and test them across the platform with various ad sets. It is quite usual for an ad to perform poorly across one audience and produce top class results for the other.

·        Poor Landing Page Design

A lot of advertisers are great at designing and executing a Facebook ad campaign yet, hastily develop a landing page for the user. The last thing after creating a perfect ad would be to land the user on a poorly designed landing page. By poorly designed, it may mean high load time, irrelevant page, poor aesthetics, boring visuals, a lot of text etc. which is likely to increase the bounce rate, resulting in ineffective advertising.

Where Facebook advertising is growing pretty common, little tricks and tips can go a long way, reducing the CPC (cost per click) and increasing the ROI.

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