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Top Guidelines on Digital Branding from A Digital Marketing Agency’s Perspective

Guidelines on Digital Branding

Today, 81% of customers perform online research before making a purchase decision. Therefore, having a strong online presence that engages and nurtures clients along their customer journey is critical. For your company, a digital marketing agency can handle all of this and more.

Even if you are unaware about the digital marketing agency in Dubai, Pakistan or anywhere in the world and their services they provide, then may be they can become a beneficial business partner for you in future. Your goal as a sales or marketing manager is to bring clients in through your organization’s “front doors.”

Digital Marketing Companies: Your Growth Partner

The outcomes of internet marketing are astounding. Blogging alone can help brands generate 67 percent more leads than brands that never published. In addition, marketers can escalate their conversion rates by up to 14.6 percent using SEO practices. The resulting upsurge is significantly higher than the 1.7 percent conversion rates that you generate from the traditional outbound efforts. Here are some of the methods that are popular in digital marketing:

  • Content Marketing
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Video Promotion
  • Marketing on the Go
  • Advertising on the Internet
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing

A digital marketing agency like ALM Digital (one of the top digital marketing companies in Dubai & Pakistan) uses several tactics, strategies, and internet tools to assist a company in achieving its marketing and sales objectives.

Digital Marketing Guidelines on Digital Branding

A brand guide, also known as a brand identification guide, is a document that can help you identify, build, and grow your brand.

When your company completes a new branding project or goes through the rebranding process, you should be given your gleaming new brand guidelines.

Here are some digital branding rules provided by branding agencies like Hubspot, ALM Digital etc. These rules are provided in a great manner by ALM Digital, a top Digital marketing company in Lahore Pakistan.

Design Of A Logo

Your logo serves as a quick way to brand all of the marketing content you create. Therefore, your brand guidelines should define the correct and incorrect ways to utilize the logo. In addition, it should specify the precise proportions of the logo and how much white space you can use around it.

Brand Typography

The typeface that your company uses should be well documented. It should include the logo’s font as well as the following:

  • Headlines
  • Sub-headlines
  • Body paragraphs

The font used, from where you can get it, the preferable size of the font, and how they relate to each other should all be outlined in your brand standards document.

Brand Imagery

The use of photography and art in your brand identity can be very effective. However, it’s critical to establish a consistent photographic or illustrative style right on.

A selection of appropriate photographs and suitable images are usually included in this section of the rules. Contact  ALM Digital , one of the top digital marketing agencies in Pakistan, to better understand your brand imagery.

Brand Colours

Your brand’s colors come in a range of shapes and sizes.

  • Colors associated with the brand
  • Colors associated with a secondary brand
  • Colorus in the RGB (web) format
  • The colors used in printing are CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black).

The primary colors are usually the same as in your logo, plus a black version, or variants of black, for your primary text. Secondary colors are used to give your brand’s color palette more depth.

When it comes to photography, the emphasis will be on light, composition, and subject matter. When it comes to illustration, you’ll want to consider style, color, and subject matter.

A Brand Guidelines Approach That Is More Comprehensive

The above section covered the essentials of visual identity and how to record it inside your brand design guidelines. All of these, and more, are explained more thoroughly in brand guidelines.

Most of the Digital marketing companies in Lahore typically utilize more complex rules, which begin to contain parts of brand strategy and more use cases.

Contact ALM Digital for Brand Guidelines

Your brand guidelines are a comprehensive reference to your company’s image. Your brand strategies, as well as your brand identity, are both important. These briefings mustn’t get lost in the shuffle. It’s a living, breathing document that’s constantly evolving. So, save yourself from the hustle and get in touch with ALM Digital, a leading digital marketing agency in Pakistan and Dubai, to help you vitalize your branding guidelines. You may find us also on Facebook, twitter, Instagram and Linkedin.

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