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What to Post & How to Beat Instagram’s Algorithm in 2022

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The Instagram algorithm is a set of rules that Instagram uses to determine who gets featured as The best buddy and arch-enemy of any Social Media Manager. But how much of this may be attributed to changes in the Instagram algorithm? Does it have an influence on interaction, reach, or how many times your posts are seen?

The algorithm will always determine how Instagram feeds information to its users and will most likely block anything considered improper for the site.

What appears in users’ feeds, on the other hand, is largely due to their behavior rather than an algorithm update.

So, how can you fight the Instagram algorithm and ensure that as many people as possible view and engage with your content? In this post, ALM Digital Social Media Marketing Agency in Dubai will show you how to make the most of Instagram in this post.

How to Beat the Instagram Algorithm

Carousels and video content creation

Instagram’s primary purpose is to keep users engaged. Thus the more time they spend on the platform consuming content, the better. Static photographs are simple to swipe over, but videos are more likely to stop users in their tracks—and Instagram is well aware of this. As a result, your video material is expected to perform better on average. People will spend more time watching films if the hook is strong, so make the opening five seconds count. Attract your existing (and possibly new) followers immediately, so they may learn about you through your content and connect with or visit your page.

Consider alternatives to likes.

It’s all too easy to get caught up with Likes. When the Instagram algorithm was first discussed, most of it was around the ‘like: follower’ ratio shifting, with many reporting a drop in Likes compared to previous engagement levels. But, if you want to overcome the Instagram algorithm in 2022, Likes aren’t the be-all and end-all, and they shouldn’t be the core of your approach. There are more significant indicators of whether or not your material is attractive to individuals.

‘Saves’ is a number that is sometimes disregarded yet is perhaps the strongest sign of good content. Consider this. When someone saves your material for later, it indicates that they enjoy it so much that they wish to revisit it. It’s not simply a post that popped up in their feed; it’s a piece of content that spoke to them and prompted them to ‘keep it.’ Examine your previous posts to determine which ones have received the most Saves. It’ll most likely be instructional information, such as a how-to or a unique cosmetic look that can be replicated.

Get into Reels

Get into Reels

We can tell with certainty that Instagram’s algorithm prefers its new features. A general rule for any Instagram strategy is to make sure you use the platform’s new content types. For example, if you’re one of the first to use Reels, you’ll be one of the first to view Reels.

Reels are becoming one of the most effective strategies to improve and increase Instagram discoverability. Why? Because your material may be found without having to follow you. When they’re watching Reels, your posts are organically shown to them on Instagram’s Explore page. Also, the Reels suggested to them are based on the videos they have previously enjoyed or consumed regularly; as a result, you’ll most likely reach a more targeted audience—another example of Instagram’s algorithm working in your favor!



Instagram’s method of searching for and discovering content remains unchanged. Using hashtags wisely is a reliable strategy to increase your discoverability and reach. This involves choosing hashtags for your posts that are appropriate for your content and your current audience and engagement. Less competitive hashtags are more likely to rank and perform well, and the best way to choose them is with a sound plan. According to research, the number of hashtags you use and the amount of interaction you get on your posts are directly related.

Encourage conversations and interactions.

Changing how you talk to your audience and crafting your descriptions may often enhance the reach of your articles. Encourage people to reply to your postings by encouraging them to engage with them. Ask your followers to identify a buddy who might enjoy the post or provide a direct question in the caption to which they might react.

Hosting little prizes on your feed is another easy approach to increase engagement. Consider putting a giveaway into one of your posts that requires a remark or a share to enter.

Multiple Channels to Promote Your Content

If you’re seeking quick ways to boost your organic reach on Instagram, it makes sense to use the platform’s numerous promotion options. You can choose from a variety of options.

Let’s begin at the beginning:

  • Stories
  • Reels
  • IGTV

When you produce a post, share it across many platforms. This will ensure that people may find your material in various ways rather than depending exclusively on your placement in their newsfeeds.

When individuals open Instagram, for example, they often have significantly fewer stories to go over than posts. People are more likely to read your most recent post if you include it in your tale.

You may also explore mutually beneficial collaborations with other companies and creators. Joint posting is an excellent approach to bringing two separate groups of followers together in a way that benefits everyone.

A collaborative post puts your account in front of people who would not normally see your material, which increases your chances of making new connections.

Furthermore, even if the other account’s followers like and comment on the article without recognizing your username, the algorithm has formed a link (remember that notion from earlier?) between your account and theirs. That’s a great way to consistently keep your material in front of them.

Maintain Consistency

Instagram gives you points for posting regularly. So, our final advice is to ensure you’re continuously providing new material. If you post every day, it might be difficult to have enough content on the back burner, so make sure you create a plan you can stick to. If you’re having trouble, read this post about getting out of a content rut.

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