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How to Leverage Marketing Automation to Generate More Leads

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Market automation generally refers to the use of software tools to carry out repetitive marketing tasks, hence aiding a company to design and implement an efficient market workflow to assist in lead generation.

Automation frameworks advance a solid blend of inbound and outbound methodologies and the capacity to appropriately score leads. This assists advertisers in understanding which leads are qualified and likely to mature, and which ones need more opportunity to learn and comprehend the difficulties that you can assist them with settling.

Like any other automation, the purpose is to increase the efficiency of a business. The tasks appointed by thirty marketers in the early 2000s can be done by just one today. Where lead generation used to be a tedious task in the past, via automation, it is just a few clicks away!

There are multiple tools accessible on the internet that help you get leads for your business. In this blog, we will specify how you can use these tools effectively, the benefits of automation and the top tools available at the moment.

Some of the most advanced tools in the market are provided by HubSpot, MailChimp and Drip. But before buying any of the automation software, make sure to complete reading this blog and have an understanding of what you should need from the software.

Great versus Awful Marketing Automation

As productive as it seems to be, it can’t be the main promoting methodology. The most exceedingly bad thing a business can do is automate the entirety of its campaigns. By over automatization of your market strategy, you wind up dealing with a client venture as opposed to improving it.

Every business is extraordinary, however acceptable showcasing computerization happens when a business is astute about the individual associations with its clients. Sending generic messages or canned reactions to clients is ineffectual.

Rather, utilizing the data you think about your clients and their activities can assist you with building up an improved client interaction.

Genuine advertising automation permits you to follow each touchpoint that an individual has with your business, take that in and adjust your information in like manner.

It should empower you to promote the automation of your processes yet envision your consumers’ needs and quicken their purchasing venture.

Advertisers need a strong promoting computerization methodology, as opposed to simply automating similar undertakings they have been doing from the beginning.

How to use it for your leverage.

1. Use dynamic content to draw in customers

Contrary to popular belief, automation is not just about email marketing. Some companies exploit automation by spamming consumers with too much information and little research.

The better way to go is to segment your target audience and provide fresh content for them to read. As every person has different tastes, so your content needs to keep up to date with the audience.

Whichever automation tool you choose, it must have the ability to make your content innovative and trendy, rather than just spamming one with email.

2. Do not target a large audience at once

Targeting a larger audience comes with significant drawbacks.

  • The market is scattered and the business can’t target productively.
  • Information overload. Way too much information would make it harder for a business to find out what works best for them and it defeats the purpose of automation.
  • If your business is a startup or new to automation, make sure it targets a small segment of an audience, gain responsiveness, turn them into consumers and retain them before scaling up operations.

3. Try out various methods of automation.

The email has been beneficial in terms of ROI and it might continue to do so. But there is also another untapped market of millennials, who sooner rather than later will dominate the market.

These millennials rarely check their emails. Where they are present the most are on social media. So, integrate social media marketing into your automation software and campaign accordingly.

This will promote customer engagement and not only attract new customers to your business but will also inform the retained customers about your activities, keeping their interests piqued.

With a market of active 3.8 billion social media users, even gaining the lowest percentile of that market would do wonders for your business.

4. Show up on SERP

Now more than ever, any business looking to flourish must use search engine optimization and show up on Google’s search engine results page. We have seen a spike in the searches on Google due to COVID.

Image Source: BigCommerce
Image Source: Statista

These searches show a significant increase in eCommerce and digital purchasing. As the trends specify, even when the pandemic ends, people have now acquired a taste for digital purchasing.

5. Have an online presence.

Invest in website development and in it, integrate the most powerful automation tool man has made, machine learning, or artificial intelligence. Use AI to establish a chatbot for your website to have round the clock customer service and loyalty.

Having an artificially intelligent integrated chatbot can also help you mine the transcripts to aid you in getting a better understanding of your customers and cater to their needs accordingly.

6. CRM

Set up a CRM tracker into your business. CRM integration has multiple benefits such as tracking calls, meetings, and phone calls. Use that information to know your clientele better! There are multiple methods available online to automate your CRM and connect with different processes.

The Benefits

  • Promotes Creativity

Since automation is what is posting continuously, your team has more time on hand to come up with innovative methods to attract new customers to your business. The team not only has more time to be creative, but they are also less stressed and more motivated to yield results through their ideas.

  • Cost Saving

Tasks performed manually take up more time and are still prone to errors. Hence, they cost more. Automation helps in reducing the cost by completing the tasks in a fragment of what manual labor takes and reduces the cost of hiring multiple personnel.

  • Consistency

The automation software removes all human errors and keeps up with posting content as scheduled. Hence it keeps your audience up to date regularly on any updates from your business

  • Monitoring

Automation helps a business by processing massive amounts of data and compiles it to inform the business about how the consumers are reacting to their campaign. How a specific act affected the customer’s actions and where they lack. This pivotal information transforms the business’s strategy immediately.

  • Business Growth

As now, the owner and the employees are free of the time-consuming tasks, they have free time to think about how to grow and improve the business, or which product or service to introduce into the market.


There is only so much you can do in a day. There is fatigue, personal commitment, stress and a whole lot of other issues in running a business in today’s competitive market. It makes sense to use automation as the benefits of the software are bafflingly high compared to the alternative.

This blog has not only covered how to market optimization helps running your business, but it also entails the methods in which you can step ahead of your competition.

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