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Mobile-first Indexing: Say Goodbye to Desktop Crawls


Mobile devices have become pretty much part of our everyday lives. From
online classes, taking up different courses, playing games, and watching
news online, we all have a specific need to be served on this platform in
one or another way. That being said, we can certainly assume that we now
live in a mobile-first world.

As people are drastically shifting to mobile devices for searching and
browsing over the internet, Google, starting from 2016, now prioritizes the
mobile-first approach moving from the desktop version. 

In simple words, mobile-first Indexing means Google will now use the
mobile version of your site’s content in their index when evaluating its
relevance to the user’s query. This will ultimately serve as the baseline for
determining your site’s ranking and, thus, credibility. 

Marketers that have shifted to mobile-friendly content are enjoying an
edge by increased organic traffic and online visibility. However, this
technology change is challenging, and every SEO agency and digital marketer must
be aware. As Google will be completely mobile-first soon, be sure to
prepare and optimize your site content to stay in the game for the long

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