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The Latest Trends in Web Development: Every CTO should be considered

Humans continue to invent new methods to accomplish things quicker and more creatively than before, and technology continues to advance. Web development is one of the few fields where this kind of innovation is prevalent.

Developers are constantly looking for new technologies to propel them towards a better future. Keeping up with these changes can be difficult for many organizations. Fortunately, As a Development Company in Dubai, we’ve identified a few significant trends that will be important in 2022 and beyond.

1. Application development will be driven by no-code and low-code technologies.

No-code and low-code technologies arose to make our lives simpler. These technologies can help experienced developers optimize workflows and minimize workloads, allowing them to focus on other responsibilities.

Thanks to these tools, citizens may now create practical applications without writing sophisticated programming.

Visual programming interfaces and drag-and-drop tools for folks who have never written a line of code lessen the barrier to entry. Despite these developments, no-code has yet to establish itself properly.

Bubble and Airtable, two potential industry leaders, are gaining traction, so one or more of these products might emerge as obvious winners by 2022

Next steps

Examine your product development lifecycle for manual processes that your IT staff already performs.

Low-code solutions can help you streamline your operations and save time.

Provide no-code tools to your non-technical team members to enable them to do some jobs without overloading the IT staff.

artificial intelligent

2.Machine learning and artificial intelligence adoption to quicken

Artificial intelligence has been infiltrating our digital lives for a few years, but as more businesses invest in technology, we see tremendous advancements in what’s possible. Natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML), in particular, have advanced from theoretical concepts to practical implementations.

“YouTube uses natural language processing to make subtitles from video audio, and Google Analytics uses machine learning to understand better how website visitors to act, and Alexa mixes virtual reality and machine learning to allow us to conduct a full conversation with a computer.”

Artificial intelligence’s rise includes chatbots, recommendation engines, and SaaS products that simplify employees’ jobs.

Next steps:

Examine your current business processes to see if AI/ML adoption is feasible. With AI’s aid, many of your present business procedures may be automated, freeing human resources for other duties.

Incorporate AI-powered analytics into your marketing initiatives to unearth new information that will benefit your consumers.

Use AI-powered chatbots to assist answer staff inquiries, speed up onboarding, and propose resources as part of your internal operations.

3. The Internet of Things (IoT) will boost voice search

For a long time, the internet of things (IoT) has held a lot of promise, but 2022 may be the year we realize what it can accomplish. Voice search and smart speakers are two areas where this growth might be ascribed.

By 2023, it is projected that 8 billion digital voice assistants will be in use, and 163 million smart speakers will be available.

The expansion in each area will influence how everyone interacts with search engines, from developers to consumers.


This means that developers and marketers will have to adapt their strategies. “For search engines to completely perceive your business, commodities, and services and present them in search results, schema markup and structured data will become increasingly necessary in web development.” The most typical sorts of content for Schema markup are videos, faqs, goods, recipes, blog articles, and anything else that leads to rich results or highlighted snippets. They’re only a few of the hundreds of possible Schema Markup kinds that might aid search engines and intelligent devices.”

Microdata published on your website called Schema Markup gives a better description or rich snippet for search results.

Structured Data is how search engines read data and are the industry standard for presenting information on a page. Expect additional attention on these areas as more searches are done using voice.

Next steps:

Here are some suggestions for making your site more voice search-friendly:

  • Use a short introduction of 40-50 words and tables or bullet points to optimize your content for position zero.
  • In blog posts and product descriptions, don’t hesitate to use a conversational tone.
  • Instead of focusing on single keywords or key phrases, organize your keyword research around questions and answers.
  • Use various languages to give a more diverse range of keywords and phrases covering all relevant (really relevant!) ways to pose a question. Keep things simple.

4. Native mobile apps will be replaced with advanced web applications (PWAs)

PWAs aren’t entirely new, but their importance is expected to expand in 2022.

PWAs have several advantages that will enhance their popularity. Progressive Web Apps deliver an unparalleled user experience, and with the rising use of mobile devices, expect marketers to follow suit.

PWAs allow web pages to load rapidly while also functioning offline. They let developers mimic the in-app experience in a browser, making it easier for them to design native apps for each device.

Pinterest’s mobile site is an example of a Progressive Web App.

Next Steps:

Building native mobile applications take far longer than developing a regular website, especially when personalization is required.

If you’re planning to redesign your desktop web application, you’ll also need to consider mobile optimization. Instead of creating two apps, make your website a Progressive Web App (PWA) for a better mobile experience.

One of the critical benefits of SPAs is that they allow for quicker load times since just the needed material on the page is updated rather than the complete page being reloaded. Offline caching is also available.

If you own a small business, consider developing your website as a SPA to save time and enhance user experience.

Cybersecurity will become increasingly important

5. Cybersecurity will become increasingly important

Hackers were able to launch a viral attack on Software AG, Germany’s second-largest software company, in October 2020, seeking $20 million.

The amount of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks in 2020 has increased every quarter, according to CloudflareWhen hackers overwhelm a targeted server with destructive internet traffic, this is known as a DDoS assault. There’s also the possibility of lost time and money.

Expect businesses and people to invest more in cybersecurity to protect them as more organizations and employees come online due to the implications of 2020.

Next steps:                                   

In 2022, protecting your organization and consumer data will be crucial, especially as cyberattacks become more common. You may get ready by performing the following things:

  1. Perform a vulnerability analysis

You won’t be able to defend yourself unless you understand what has to be done. While broad steps such as installing firewalls can assist, a security assessment can help you evaluate your present weaknesses.

  1. Keep your remote access security

To avoid data leaks, ensure that all employees utilize VPNs and that all Data is encrypted.

  1. Explain roles, permissions, and two-factor authentication.

You may increase your overall security by restricting access to select portions of your website or digital platforms. Add another layer of verification on top of users and passwords to get access.

  1. The use of motion UI will increase page interaction

A website should have all of the information that someone is looking for, but it should also be appealing to the eye. The user interface is becoming increasingly important, and motion UI is the next stage on the horizon.

When someone enters a website, they don’t want to be confused about where they should go. Motion design aids in the creation of an intuitive interface that instructs users on what to do and where to look on the page.

Motion UI makes it feasible for online applications to respond to users through visual signals, resulting in a more fluid and engaging user experience.

Next Steps:

Use visual clues to help visitors navigate your website or application.

When visitors wait for pages to load or reach an error page, employ basic animations to improve the user experience. When the user encounters items that usually damage the user experience, this might keep them interested.

7. Cloud computing will continue to advance

Without cloud computing, the expansion of remote work would be impossible, and this trend is expected to continue beyond 2022. Public cloud services will grow to $306.9 billion by 2022, up from $242.7 billion in 2019.

You may anticipate new cloud computing developments to keep up with the boom that SaaS firms witnessed in 2020 and the announcements from numerous prominent tech companies that they would be transitioning to remote-first.

Next Steps:

As the pandemic accelerated digital transformation in 2020, many organizations transferred their activities online, but many didn’t have time to prepare a long-term strategy. Cloud computing, on the other hand, will not slow down.

Consider if your organization would benefit more from a private cloud architecture or a multi-cloud approach as it considers its digital strategy for the future.

8. Plugins and third-party utilities continue to be problematic

Third-party tools and plugins make maintaining a website much more manageable by offering functionality that isn’t accessible in the default settings, but this convenience comes with a price that we’re still seeing. Third-party plugins might cause issues for your website since they are frequently outdated and insecure. They can potentially damage the site’s layout and cause compatibility issues with other programs. Loading plugins and other third-party applications might slow down your website and the security and compatibility problems.

9. From chatbots to content production and personalization, AI is powering engagement

Marketing has evolved dramatically during the previous decade. Everyone is looking for personalization and automation these days. Artificial intelligence is one method that organizations are increasingly employing. Businesses can serve each consumer with the most relevant and individualized information with AI-powered interaction.

Chatbots, for example, allow customers to communicate with businesses on their terms and assist them in finding what they’re seeking more quickly and efficiently. Chatbots may also answer inquiries about your products or services, verify the availability of an item in your store, and even assist consumers with online purchases.

10. Developing APIs First

Developers that use API-first development construct an API first to ensure it meets the demands of the product, then design the front-end UI to interact with it. This frees up the developers’ time to focus on creating revenue-generating features.

The development process used to belong since organizations had to establish all of the data structures and interfaces with other systems in isolation before releasing anything publicly. In the coming year, API-first development will allow businesses to expand on what is already known about their product by utilizing an open design that connects with current systems.

11. More frameworks for JavaScript

JavaScript is a quick and dynamic programming language used by web developers to construct everything from animation tools to calculators. It is one of the most widely used programming languages on the internet, and some of the most popular websites use it. The Angular and React frameworks have simplified the creation of complex user interfaces for developers. Web development will employ well-known JavaScript frameworks alongside newer JavaScript frameworks like Aurelia.

12. Top focus is security

For organizations, cyber security is a critical responsibility. Ransomware assaults increased by 102 percent in the first half of 2021 compared to early 2020. Year after year, this figure keeps rising. As a result, firms will continue to focus on security this year, taking steps to defend themselves from ransomware attacks and other security threats.

Businesses are better protected if they use more security measures on their websites. By implementing innovative cyber security measures such as multi-factor authentication, data encryption, and cloud services, businesses may lower their chance of being attacked. These three tactics and others will help protect businesses and their consumers against hackers while simplifying processes.

Next Steps:

All bespoke apps should be built with an API-first approach, with sufficient API documentation to let developers connect to your app.

Ensure that the software you choose for your tech stack offers sufficient API documentation to simplify your developers’ jobs.

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