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Why Do You Need an Integrated Ecommerce Marketing Strategy?

Ecommerce Marketing

The abundance of possibilities makes choosing the ideal digital marketing strategy for your business challenging. Understanding your customers’ conversion paths is essential for eCommerce digital marketing.

What does an eCommerce client journey entail?

The time between when a customer hears about your business for the first time and when they actually make a purchase is referred to as the “eCommerce customer journey.” In Google Analytics, this is referred to as a conversion path. eCommerce conversion pathways aren’t always as simple as they seem, especially if the goods you sell require a more involved decision-making process.

There isn’t a typical conversion path as a result. Every conversion path will vary from one product to the next and from one person to the next, so it’s important to understand how your current consumers travel and how they may proceed in the future.

Why is understanding your customers’ purchasing process important?

For online organizations, it’s crucial to understand how customers convert. According to an Oracle survey, consumers may contact businesses through up to six different channels before making a purchase. You’ll succeed if your digital marketing strategy is well-honed and provides your customers with useful information at each significant touchpoint. You’re losing out on many opportunities to boost online sales if you appear in organic search results.

How to make a customer journey map

Now that we’ve shown you how important it is to comprehend your customers’ typical conversion journey, where do you turn to find this data?

Visit conversions > multi-channel funnels > top conversion paths in Google Analytics to learn more about your customers’ current conversion paths. The list below shows the top 10 conversion paths your customers take when they make an online purchase.

While this data might help you assess the effectiveness of your existing marketing channels, you must also consider the numerous different client journeys that aren’t represented in your most recent statistics.

Take some time to think about and research the routes taken by your regular clients. Making a visual representation, like the customer journey map below, could be useful. Make several customer journey maps to visualize various scenarios and target audience characteristics.

customer journey map

The integrated use of e-commerce marketing

Once you have a firm understanding of the typical paths your consumers take to purchase from you, you can create an integrated eCommerce marketing strategy that ensures you’re reaching the right audience at the right time with the correct information.

Here is a list of the many sponsored channels you could use in your strategy and an explanation of their effectiveness.

Google's text ads

Google’s text ads

Assume you are a knit beanie hat seller and have trouble appearing on the first few pages of organic search results. Using Google text advertising, you can quickly outrank your rivals and show up at the top of page one. Google Ads is a fantastic way to increase your brand’s visibility and gain control of the search results, even if you’re already on page one by default.

Shopping-related Google ads

Shopping-related Google ads

Another strategy for getting your products to the top of Google search results is to use Google Shopping advertisements. With an image of your product, Google Shopping ads appear above Google text ads, making it simpler for potential customers to investigate and producing higher conversion rates than text ads.

Google Ads can be a good option if your products are inexpensive or unique.

Google display advertising

Google display advertising

On websites, mobile applications, YouTube, Gmail, and other Google display networks, picture banner advertisements are displayed as part of Google display campaigns. Consider placing a banner ad on interior design or homeware websites that your target audience frequents if you offer home electrical accessories. This is a great method to increase brand recognition. You may even run ads on websites similar to those of your competitors.

Through Google’s display network, dynamic display remarketing campaigns will show images of products that recent website visitors have added to their shopping carts but haven’t yet purchased. This strategy for boosting online sales and conversion rates is incredibly effective.

Paid social networks like Facebook and Instagram offer a low-cost way to connect with a significant portion of your target market, enhancing brand recognition and increasing website traffic. Sponsored social is a great way to attract new clients as a result. To retarget prior website visitors who made no purchases, you can construct remarketing adverts with stronger calls to action and a greater incentive to buy.


Your online revenue can increase by a factor of ten with the paid media marketing strategies mentioned above. Organic search, sponsored search, and paid social channels to work together to deliver the right images, words, and information to your customers at the right time.

On the right platforms, you can digitally interact with potential new customers. Maintaining relationships and being top of mind is essential in the very competitive and crowded world of eCommerce.

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